Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ride, repair, ride, repair, ride, repair…

After my little MTB ride yesterday my fork seals need replacing on my Fox 32mm RLC series 2 forks which is a bit of an inconvenience.

To do it myself: apparently, locally Fox sourced parts are $59.99 for the pair (2x oil seals, 2x dust seals, 2x foam rings & cush washers). The alternative are Enduro Seals by ‘Real World Cycling’, , $25.99US. But shipping is another $30US on top of that which hurts.

I’ve previously replaced fork seals on a previous pair of RockShox SID Team forks with Enduro fork seals (I like the blue dust seals which make it look really ‘aftermarket racey’). Although I’m not sure if things have changed in the last 3years & it may be better to get it done local.

Just called Astroboy Racer (Paul) who quoted me under $150 for a full service (replace seals too) with about a days turnaround, hmm very tempting as time is impossible at the mo.

Have Westgate dirt crits pencilled in tomorrow for the first time this year (we’re in November) & a MTB ride up at my mum/dads next Monday, so I’ll just bite the bullet & see if Astroboy Racer can do them next week.

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